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NO YELLOW CARE PROTECTION: Your allies against humidity, heat and pollution

In recent years there has been a global increase in demand for cold colours, and blond colours in particular. Specific professional products are needed, therefore, that can neutralise the yellow reflection. Blond, bleached or lightened hair, with streaks and even white hair, require specific care to avoid highlighting any residual yellow pigments that can create, for example, irregular reflection and unwanted colour effects tending to straw yellow.   

Fanola has now added three new rinse-free products to the NO YELLOW CARE line for the full protection of blond hair against heat, humidity and pollution: Thermo-Protective Cream, to protect against heat, 2-Phase Potion, a rinse-free two-phase conditioner, and Shield Mist, an anti-pollution protective spray.


Cream treatment that seals the cuticle with an effective filming action.

Its formulation enriched with “Heat Block”, a special thermoactive complex, protects the hair against heat (up to 230°) produced by the hair dryer, plate and hot tools, leaving the hair soft, silky and shiny and preventing the formation of split ends.


A rinse-free two-phase anti-yellow conditioner. It minimises the yellow effect, instantly making the hair silky, vital and shiny. It detangles and moisturises the hair fibres without weighing them down, enveloping each strand of hair with an anti-frizz and anti-humidity protective film.

Its two-phase formula consists of one part water, rich in conditioning substances that untangle the hair and facilitate folding, and one part oil with silicones, which envelop the strand and protect it against humidity.


This protective spray bestows the hair with a delicate fragrance inspired by high quality oriental perfumery. It is formulated with "Shield Defense" technology, which has a chelating action capable of shielding the hair against the aggression of external agents such as smog, fine dust and heavy metals.