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The world as we know it has changed, and the need to care for and cleanse our hair and skin is greater now than ever before. The words we hear most often are hygiene and safety and, in the professional world, more brands are listening to the market to be at the side of the hairdresser.

Fanola Hygiene is a line of fast-acting sanitising cosmetic products, formulated to thoroughly cleanse and sanitise the body, hands and hair, combating pathogenic microorganisms that are harmful to the health of us all. We are talking about a daily shield for deep hygiene that respects the skin.

There are two specific products for the hygiene and hydration of the hair and also for the skin, which we have to wash more regularly during the day. Hygiene Shampoo is the sanitising and purifying shampoo with a soft and light texture that cleanses while moisturising and protecting against external agents; and Hygiene Hand Emulsion is the purifying hand emulsion with sanitising action based on hydrogen peroxide (3%) for hands that are always clean, soft and protected. Its concentrated rinse-free formula, enriched with emollient agents, dries quickly, leaving a pleasant feeling of cleanliness.