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Free Paint is the new range of ammonia-free semi-permanent direct colours that can be mixed together to make endless combinations of hues.
Free Paint by Fanola is the ideal solution for professional direct colouring services. It is designed for all those who want to showcase their unique personalities and everyone who takes a daring approach to hair colour, using it like a fashion accessory. The 10 shades are inspired by artists’ palettes, which can be used creatively, inventively and imaginatively to produce a host of hues with a variety of depths and tones.

Free Paint by Fanola features cutting-edge technology that gives unbeatably professional results with cosmetic colours. The molecules in the formula that is used in the different shades are organic acids that help the direct pigments to build up on the outside of the hair. The viscosizing molecules add a degree of fluidity, for exceptional adherence during application. The colouring agents provide even coverage all over the structure of the hair, making the colours bright and glossy.
The Free Paint formula brings out all of the colour in just five minutes and the final results are long lasting, remaining for up to 20 washes. The creamy cosmetic texture makes it easier for the colour to adhere to the hair during the application process, thus giving more even coverage all over.
The active ingredients used in the range are Babassu Oil, which has powerful softening and moisturizing properties, and French Rose Extract, for extremely glossy locks.