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Today the wind of change is blowing more than ever: it is a time for challenges and new beginnings.
We are urged to choose, to decide which side we are on, to take a stance, to jump right in. To be proudly ourselves and to feel free to express who we are.

Every #fanolagirl has a style and a story to tell. She is an ever-changing cosmopolitan woman geared to the future. She wants to express her personality – and she does so through colour and creativity. She is free to live the life she wants.

Not just black or white, not a single perspective, but
countless shades.

be a #fanolagirl

A convincing, never predictable style with a strong character that enhances the beauty of a determined, conscious woman, who feels free to express herself and be who she wants.

A look that reveals unexpected, innovative details, such as the traits of a dynamic personality, ready to catch the signs of change typical of the time we live in.

Cold, intense and bold blonde gives way to bright, vibrant pink on all the roots, creating a continuous effect on the nape of neck and on the sides. Colours and translucency are emphasised by the pixie haircut.

A marked contrast enhancing the features of a sophisticated, unique beauty. In a nutshell, femininity revealing the highest expression of freedom in its details.

A decisive, rigorous look which plays with colour, enhanced by an undercut on the sides and on the nape of neck. Alternating lengths that make it possible for you to create different styles, with soft, dishevelled effects or smooth, tamed results.

Casual and playful; aware that life must be faced with a smile.

Beauty exuding sparkling irreverence, enhanced with a mix of colours as bright as the lights flooding the city. Vivid colours are combined with soft volumes to enhance the features of a unique, extrovert woman, who makes the most of every moment.

Contrasting colours skilfully combined to enhance curls and exaggerated volumes, blending perfectly into lively, easy-going beauty. Blue, red and grey alternate creating unexpected light effects, in a perfectly balanced mix of cold and warm colours.

A look with deliberately exuberant volumes framing the face, a slightly layered haircut that gives even more prominence to natural curls, creating a bubbly effect.

A soft, lightweight cloud that follows the every move of a woman who feels every moment keenly, without ever backing out.

Glamour and colour blend together in a perfect marriage. A self-confident woman who loves to shine and dare to assert her identity.

Bold style and colour choices that highlight a conscious, unconventional woman, who proudly displays her femininity.

A brown nuance with bright reflections gives way to an iridescent mix of shades, ranging from purple to blue to green. The asymmetry of technique and results is aimed at creating an ever-changing, moving effect.

A charming triumph of cold shades enhances the beauty of a peppy woman, who reveals an unexpected but always attractive side of herself.

Sophisticated and chic, this layered look goes hand in hand with pearlescent shades and offers diverse styling solutions; from perfect, rigorous straight hair framing and defining the face, to soft, sinuous waves giving volume to hair and emphasising a woman who loves to overtly show her femininity.